The ONLY exception.

The ONLY exception.

I teach music lessons. Its fun.

For my piano students, we very dutifully go through a set curriculum of lessons and theory, however for my one guitar student we basically just pick songs that she likes and learn them. The most recent song we’ve been working on is “The only exception” by Paramour. The basic gist of the song is a girl who saw her parent’s marriage break apart. After witnessing the “love” her parents had and lost she comes to the conclusion that true and lasting love doesn’t really exist. With this assumption in mind she comes to all sorts of conclusions about protecting herself, keeping a safe distance, and learning to live with loneliness. That is of course with the exception of the guy who she’s singing the song about (ergo the title “the only exception”) who blows all of these preconceived notions and personal experiences out of the water. Which she conveniently realizes just in time to save her relationship with said wonderful guy and end the song.

As I was listening to this catchy song (I love songs in six/eight time) a few things jumped out at me…

This song has an interesting mix of reality and fantasy. It almost seems to go to two different extremes. On one hand the writer is hardened and jaded, while on the other hand she is totally trusting and open. I guess its not that I have any real problem with this mix, I just feel that it is misguided. Basing our entire relationship philosophy on one, or even multiple, failed relationships, without taking into account the thousands that are successful, will leave our perspective skewed at best. However, to then turn around and base all of our hope on one person is equally unadvisable.

The hard and fast truth is that even people with the best intentions, who love us, will from time to time hurt us deeply. In fact, it has been suggested that the people who know and love us the most have the ability to hurt us the deepest. Why? Because they know us more intimately than the average person and we are less guarded around them. When we share our deepest feeling the hope is that the person we are sharing with will not use that information against us, but this isn’t always the case. There is no one who is completely safe from this, there is no one immune. This train of thought can leave us feeling exposed, bitter, and skeptical of the world.

There is however one exception.

Surrounded as we are by human caprice it would take something supernatural to prove itself reliable, so that’s exactly what God did. All throughout the Bible God pens His unconditional love for us over and over. It started with the creation of beauty and life itself, flowed though the deception and fall from perfection. That led to the plan that was formed from the very beginning to bring us back into right relationship with our creator. All throughout history, Love, despite blatant and intentional sin, was poured out on mankind, though rarely reciprocated. Then, when all hope seemed lost, a Light of hope shown through the darkness. A baby was born. He looked just like any other, but had one distinction; He was unstained by sin. This boy grew into a man, the only perfect man to ever exist. Then He, the immortal, did the impossible, He died. Only, He didn’t die from sickness or an accident but as punishment for a crime. The problem is that He was perfect and never did anything wrong, the crime He died for wasn’t done by Him, it was done my me and it was done by you. This one act was enough to break the power of sin over anyone who accepts the freedom it provides. When we accept this gift it brings us into a right relationship with God and that relationship is the only love that can be totally breakup proof. Its the only place we can freely express ourselves with absolutely no fear of repercussions. Its the only love that is unconditional and so unaffected by our abilities or inabilities.

Now I don’t say all of this to imply we as humans cannot have meaningful, loving, lasting relationships with one another. In fact, what I’m suggesting is that lasting relationships are made most readily possible through a close relationship with the embodiment of Love Himself, Jesus Christ.

I certainly have the best wishes for things to work out for the writer of the song I mentioned. I just hope that she’s not putting all of her hopes and dreams on this one guy. He might be great, but he is also human. The only exception to the rule of sin is a sinless God’s love.




  1. And might I add an obedience to His gospel. Am always amazed at your maturity at each year and how it just is so beyond your age ! Love you