Sometimes He calms the storm…

Sometimes He calms the storm…

Have you ever heard that saying, “Sometimes He calms the storm, other times He calms His child.” For me the past three weeks have been this saying to perfection. I find it so interesting to see how God works in my life and this might sound silly to some people, but He often uses music. It’s those times when a song just jumps out at me and clings on to my brain for dear life, I can’t get away from it. It plays over and over like a soundtrack to my life over my daily activities and even in my dreams. Usually I’ll have two or three songs that latch on to my brain at a time and they usually have some sort of theme to them. About a month ago this happened again, and the theme was peace.

At the time I just thought they were nice songs and I enjoyed listening to and singing them. But then things got crazy. All of a sudden I found myself in the middle of a lot more than I can handle. It’s like every aspect of my life got turned upside down. Now, not all of the situations are bad, in fact many of them are good things, it’s just that so much is mixed up that I’m not sure what to focus my attention on first.

But last night I was talking all of these things over with one of the few people I talk everything over with and I realized that while I’m kind of tired out by everything that’s going on I feel an unexpected sense of peace. As much as I feel overwhelmed by circumstances, I feel more overwhelmed by peace.

It’s kind of nice to be overwhelmed by peace. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that feeling but the best way I can describe it would be standing in the down pouring rain, you would get completely drenched if you weren’t being hugged by someone who wrapped their arms and raincoat all around you. You know that everything around you is soaked and cold, but you are warm and safe. And at that point, you don’t really care if you get a little wet from the falling rain, the scenery doesn’t matter anymore. You are at peace.

So that’s what I have to say today. Things are crazy, but there is peace.



  1. thanks for the post. I needed this today!