PDA: I want to be happy for you, not nauseated

PDA: I want to be happy for you, not nauseated

Alright, you know who you are. Please stop!

In a recent episode of  “The Office” the subject of PDA (public displays of affection) was broached and I think now is a prefect time to talk about it here on MAC’s Musings. PDA, when done correctly can be cute. It can also be repulsive and nauseating. I’m not sure when it became ok for couples to be all over each other in public, but I would really like to encourage you to refrain. The phrase, “Get a room” comes to mind, however, given my line of work that’s probably not the best thing to encourage people with.

So, in the interest of keeping me from gouging out my eyes, here is a list of physical contact that is unacceptable for public display:

1. Making out. A quick peck every now and again is lovely, especially if you are a newly married or really old couple (= very cute). What is not acceptable or cute is a couple obliviously locking lips for more than 10 seconds in front of the general public. 10 seconds doesn’t seem that long, however, relatively speaking it’s an eternity.

2. Hand movement. Holding hands = good, holding hands while rubbing anything = bad.

3. Footsie. I never really got this one, but if it’s your thing that’s fine, just keep it under the table, otherwise out of sight, or in the privacy of your own home.

4. Sitting too close. Unless there is really no other option for seating, there is no reason to squeeze two people on one couch cushion. I’m not saying you need to carry around a ruler to strictly abide by the “6 inch rule”, what I am saying is that this is not a game to figure out how little air there can be between you and your beloved.

5. Tickle fights. Unnecessary and dangerous for single friends trapped in the back seat of an un-air conditioned two door car in the middle of July. Ahem, moving on.

6. Anything else that made you uncomfortable when you were single.

Here is a list of cute PDA for your edification:

1) Locking arms while walking. This is charming, cute, and totally acceptable. For a tutorial on how to do this correctly, click HERE.

2) A hand lightly placed on the small of the back as they walk through a door, this is protective and endearing.

3) Holding hands while walking (see first list #2 for clarification).

4) Hugs and (quick) kisses hello and goodbye. (see first list #1 for clarification)

5) Other things you thought were cute when you were single.

Neither of these lists are exhaustive by any means. However, they are a good start. It really comes down to being considerate of others and having some respect for yourself.

In closing, accusations of jealousy have been flung in the past, this my friends is simply not the case. I don’t want what you have, I’m looking forward to having my own issues. This isn’t even about being single or not, but rather keeping things that are good in private where they are good and not anywhere else.


* A note about the picture: I don’t know, somehow old fashioned pictures make it ok.


  1. Funny stuff! Though I do resent the Office reference... I think Michael and Holly make beautiful music together! ;o)

    1. Haha, indeed ;)