Of or In, very important prepositions

Of or In, very important prepositions

It’s been a while since I thought too much about diagramming a sentence. It’s one of those skills that they teach you in school which has absolutely no effect on your subsequent life. However, I was thinking about prepositions recently and how important using the correct one really is. Take this phrase for example:

“You’re one in a million.”

That phase makes you out to be special and proclaims worth. But what if we change the preposition?

“You’re one of a million.”

Well now, that makes it sound like you are a dime a dozen, common, even expendable.

That little word, “of” or “in” makes a huge difference.

I guess what got me thinking along these lines is this, there are some guys (and I’m sure girls too, but I can’t talk from experience there) that make you feel like your “one of a million”. Their actions and even their words portray that any girl will do and you happen to be conveniently there, which means that you’ll do.

The problem is that no one wants to simply “do”, no one wants to be replaceable in their relationships.

Now that I think about it, I’m sure girls do this too. I’ve known a few young ladies in my time that would take any man with hair and a paycheck (and the hair part was negotiable). While I can’t speak from experience on this one either, I can make an informed assumption that it’s not fun to be loved for your money, just as it isn’t fun to be loved for your looks, or ability to cook, clean, and do laundry.

On the other hand, oh the joy of being “one in a million” to someone. You know you are special and valued, not because of what you can do or give, but because of who you are. These are the people that we don’t just “get over”…and we all want to be that person.

So if your single and not getting the results in relationships you are looking for, it may behoove you to think about how you are coming off. Do your actions tell people they are one in a million or one of a million… That little preposition makes a huge difference.



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