Nothing will change!

Nothing will change!

Aside from passing on the occasional sarcastic Facebook meme, I’ve been almost completely uninterested in this election and almost opinion-less. I don’t disagree that this is a historic election for many reasons. And I don’t need a lesson in the many impacts whoever wins will have on our country and world, not just for the next four years, but for the next fifty and beyond. This election has the ability to shape the direction and future of our world.

But practically speaking, regardless of who wins tomorrow, nothing will change.

Politics will remain politics and politicians will remain politicians. They will all smile and simper and tell us what they think we want to hear, then turn around and do whatever they want. This is how it has always been, and nothing will change.

Policies will remain policies. Try as you might, you cannot legislate morality. You can make morality or immorality more or less accessible, but rules never changed the heart of man, it only works the other way around, and that will never change.

People will remain people. Right now we are bombarded by fear mongering and lies. While we might say, “I hate drama”, but truth is that we thrive on it. This is why Halloween is such a huge holiday; fear thrills us, offering conflicting opinions makes us feel intelligent and superior, and doomsday reporting gives us fuel to push our agendas. But tomorrow we will wake up, either happy or disappointed with today’s decision, and go on with our day as planned, because nothing will change.

Jesus will remain Jesus. I don’t understand all of God’s plans. I don’t always follow his logic on what he allows and when he intervenes. But one thing I feel absolutely confident in is that Jesus will remain King, and nothing will change that.

I don’t doubt that the next four years will be challenging, at best – regardless of who wins. But my purpose here on earth does not change. The source of my power and strength will not change. Our mandate as the Church of Jesus does not change. The love that we show the world shouldn’t change either.

If one thing disappoints me about this election it is this: I think we as Christians have lost a huge opportunity to respond well. We had the chance to respond to the hate, lies and rhetoric with a constant voice of faith in God and love for the world… and we didn’t. At least not as a unified whole.

Thankfully, just because we didn’t respond well yesterday, doesn’t mean we can’t do so today. Today we have the opportunity to voice a different sound. One of hope and confidence in God.

Now, realistically, I know that there will be changes to come, but my point is that while circumstances will inevitably change, the essentials remain. And that will never change.