Little boys in capes…

Little boys in capes…

…and little girls in tutus, there’s just something really special about these two things.

There’s just something about boys being super heroes and girls being princesses that is so precious. I think it taps into that inner child thing in us as adults. Secretly, do we all wish we could run around in capes or tutus but rather live vicariously through the kids around us?

Let me clarify, I don’t have any desire to wear a tutu. I do however very much enjoy twirly skirts and am very excited that summer skirt season is very soon to be upon us. I wonder what a guys equivalent of a cape is? It probably translates to sports of some kind. Yeah, I think that’s it.

I really like this concept of teaching kids the value of our differences, but it seems so difficult to do with children who have interests outside your stereotypical gender types. A lot of girls are very talented at sports and some like to work on cars. I think that guys who cook are spectacular, and guys who clean… Ahem, anyway…

One of my jobs involved a lot of research into relationships and God’s design for our lives as women and men. One of the programs I enjoyed very much talked all about our very special designs and how God created us to compliment each other in every aspect of our life. The goal of the program was to give a vision to girls who may have never been taught how special they are. As women, we are neither men nor their play things. God made us to very specially compliment them in every way. Comparatively, as men, you don’t have to be like women, better or worse. Each of us is made with specific designs for our life and purpose.

I love being able to share some of these things with younger people around me and really look forward to sharing these things with any kids I may have some day. I so want to be counter cultural, but in a way that shows the culture what they are missing, not the other way around.

My favorite story from the program I mentioned earlier was one that the speaker told about when her sons wanted to go to prom. Even though they weren’t dating at that time, they had many girls who were friends and they each picked one to take to prom. In the speaker’s family they had some rules, if anyone wanted to take their daughters out the young man would have to come and ask their father for permission. In the same way, their sons had to go ask their friend’s father for permission to take his daughter to prom. This created such a stir in the public school that they attended that it actually started a trend. The girls whose father’s were asked felt so special and valued that they told their friends who told their friends, until most girls would tell guys who were interested in them to talk to their dads if they wanted a date. It was amazing!

I think this is exactly how we (as Christians) are supposed to impact our world. Not in a way that makes them cringe or roll their eyes, but in a way that is winsome and lovely, so much so that they want it too!

Every once in a while I get a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of raising children well. It seems like so many people start out raising kids with the best of intentions, but it doesn’t always end well.

I hope my kids don’t turn out to be too messed up.



  1. yah - I used to hope the same thing - LOL

    1. :)

  2. yah - I used to hope the same thing - LOL

    1. :)

  3. Its been a dream of mine to put my 3 future daughters in tutus, and yes...I'd definitely be living vicariously through them. Dress up was my fave thing to do as a little girl.

    Oh and I also owned a bat girl cape. I have a picture to prove it.

    1. I can totally see that...of course your babies will be completely adorable, how can they not be with all those pretty genes!