Jo Turns 3!

Jo Turns 3!

Birthday cakes around the Cristo/Paulo house have become kind of a big thing. It started simply, I was just trying to help out, but it has since become quite a event unto itself. Last week when Jo turned 3 it was no different. This got me thinking about birthday cakes of the past and thought I would take a little walk down memory lane. Please excuse the older, blurry pictures. What can I say, a good camera makes a big difference!

It all started a few years ago with Amie’s two birthday cakes. I was misinformed as to the official date of the party and subsequently made cakes two weekends in a row. A little much for me, but over all not the worst mistake in the world. Cake #1 was an awesome Cannoli Crepe Cake with 40 + crepes and homemade cannoli filling in between and as the icing. Well worth the considerable effort.

Her second cake was and equally delicious Coconut Cake. Boasting 3 sticks of butter in the batter alone, needless to say it was very good.


Then came cakes for the boys… Micah was the happy recipient of a 6 layer crayon cake. When he first looked at the outside (a plain vanilla butter cream frosting) he wasn’t too impressed, but the look of delight upon cutting the first piece certainly made up for it.


The following year he asked for a green cake, which I happily obliged with. I don’t have any good pictures of the inside, but let’s just say two bottles of green food dye later, it was very green.

Last year when Belle was born we decided she needed a cake too! I didn’t really have the right tip for this design, but I think it came out pretty well even without it.

So I felt the challenge to approach Jo’s 3rd birthday cake with equal gusto, only poor Jo has a

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few allergies that made tackling this task particularly challenging. Namely, Jo is allergic to wheat flour, dairy, and eggs… basically everything that a cake is made of. However, with perseverance most obstacles can be overcome. I found both a chocolate and vanilla cake recipe that would accommodate Jo’s needs. The long and short of it is, substituting ingredients can make for quite a baking adventure. The cakes themselves didn’t come out too great, will definitely be looking for different recipes in the future, but the general concept and decoration went great (after a minor mishap of melting coconut oil icing on an ever so slightly warm cake).

And I think the blurry image of Jo literally jumping for joy at the unveiling of his cake means it accomplished the goal. I’m glad my sweet Jo enjoyed his day. Apparently in the morning he wasn’t so sure he wanted it to be his birthday, but by the time I saw him at night the idea had seemed to grow on him.


After the initial excitement died down, Micah declared he would like a #5 cake for his fifth birthday next month… We’ll have to see how that goes…



  1. Precious !!!! What a great auntie you are ! Nan tell you of our cake decorating adventures ? What fun we had. hugs all around

  2. Precious !!!! What a great auntie you are ! Nan tell you of our cake decorating adventures ? What fun we had. hugs all around

  3. *Happy tears* I love memory lane:)

  4. *Happy tears* I love memory lane:)