How hard could it be?

How hard could it be?

Ever have one of those moments where someone asks you if you know how to do something and you say, with full confidence, “How hard could it be?”, only to find out that seemingly simple tasks aren’t always simple?

Well, Sunday I found this to be the case.

As I’m sure you know from previous posts one of my sisters just had a baby girl. Isabella turns 3 weeks old today and we are loving having her out of Amie’s stomach, mostly because now I can talk to her without interruption.

Sunday afternoon my other sister, Marlo, and her family came up to meet Bella for the first time. In an effort to be helpful, I went over early to do disaster relief (picking up after the nephews) and be generally useful if at all possible. In the process of all this, Amie says that Isabella needed a bath. Being a good Aunt, I offer to assist with this task so that Amie could see to other necessary preparations.

Amie quickly took me up on the offer, only to turn around and say, “Do you actually know how to give a baby a bath?”

*Note: Now, I’m the aunt of 4 nephews and 3 nieces, I’ve been babysitting since I was 13, and have worked at a midwife’s office… while I can’t SPECIFICALLY remember giving an infant a bath, I’m sure it’s happened, at least once.

After I explained the above note to my sister she agreed that it would all be fine, though she did look a little incredulous. As I went upstairs to get the necessary supplies I said, “Honestly, how hard can it be?”

So we had everything ready: infant bath tub, lukewarm water, wash cloth, baby soap, diaper, towel and clothes…all set to go. Only, as soon as I started getting her undressed I realized we had a major issue. The child had “soiled” her diaper…big time. Again, I’m not a stranger to these situations, but this was all over the place. I’m a good aunt, but we all have our limits.

*Note: While I understand in theory, I still can’t quite grasp how parents get so excited when their children have dirty diapers. Maybe I’ll get it if/when I have my own kids. Maybe.

This particular “dirty” diaper was the second one that day and brought with it quite a bit of excitement. Thankfully, Amie took over until the child was no longer wallowing in filth and I resumed the bathing process.

Unlike many infants, Bella likes her bath so we continued with the process after a few quick pointers from Amie. Smooth sailing, no soap on the face, careful around what remains of the freaky umbilical cord thingy, and… “UHHHHHHH she just pee’d!”

Apparently babies do that, a lot. And apparently that’s why they make infant baths with that little support thing that keeps them out of the water and the convenient little plug on the bottom to easily empty out the water.

*Note: I want a floatation device that will fit in my bath tub, her’s looked really comfortable!

So, though cut a little short due to the water contamination, the bath was done and I got to hold her for just a little bit. Babies right out of their bath are soooo cute, but you’ve got to be careful and hold on tight, they’re slippery (like a greased piglet. Not that I’ve actually held a greased piglet, but I can imagine it’s pretty similar).

Then came dress up! I mean, getting her dressed. At this point she’s still pretty limp and holding her in a sitting up position kind of reminds me of a whole raw chicken ready to be cooked. Though, that’s kind of a weird comparison, but all my comparisons up to this point are rather strange so we’ll just go with it. However, we had a little tutu for her (yellow not pink, much much better) that looked much better on her than it would have on a raw chicken. Anyway…

Overall, bath time and subsequent events were a success, though, slightly more complicated than I remembered (or at least think I remember).



  1. Sounds pretty heavenly Auntie!