Finishing well.

Finishing well.

Yesterday a student I’ve been teaching for 2 years finished the last song he will be learning from me. Now it’s on to choir and guitar for him and other students for me. It’s been very interesting teaching him for the last two or three weeks, as we’ve both known that lessons would becoming to an end, the challenge has been, how will we finish?

There’s always a temptation, when we know we’re coming to the end of a project or season in life to slack off, get lazy, or just not put as much effort into it. Students tend to practice less and I tend to be less picky. All the little details don’t seem to matter anymore as we know that in a few weeks we’ll be on to bigger and better things. But as much as that might be true, it’s still important to finish well, simply for the sake of a job well done.

The Bible talks a lot about finishing well. There are many indications that to God it matters much more how we finish than how we began. Not that the journey itself isn’t of great importance, as how one runs often determines how one finishes, but at the end of the day if one never finishes what has been gained?

I’m always just a little sad when a student moves on, but one of the things that I love about teaching is that I know that my time with that child will stick with them, in some shape or form, for the rest of their lives. I know that any further musical interaction they have will build on the foundation I’ve given them. They will always remember that they took music lessons and that I was their teacher, that’s a pretty cool and weighty responsibility. I’m glad I can honestly say that I did the best job teaching this child as I could, and I’m pleased to say that he did his best at being a student.

I hope with confidence that when I’m done with my life here that I can look back and say, not only did I run well, but I finished well. It is my goal as a Christian to always move forward, learn new things about my infinite God, and continue to grow in the skills He has given me. I trust that as I near the end of my life I will not assume I’ve learned all that is practical for me to know, I will not become lazy in my application of that knowledge and I’ll be thankful that I have had the best Teacher there is to help me on this journey.