Fasting is fun? Part 2

Fasting is fun? Part 2

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Monday part 2: Monday was a long, long day, and probably one of the hardest so far, most likely because it was so busy. The biggest problem I had was that I simply didn’t drink enough juice during the day, and kinda rationed myself in the evening for convenience sake. This left me feeling hungry and tired, which is a bad combination on me. It was also the first time I was hungry through the night, which was unpleasant. However, I took it as a good opportunity to remember just how blessed I am. It was probably one of the first times in my life that I was legitimately hungry, however there are millions of people who experience this and much, much worse as a daily reality. It was a great reminder.

Tuesday (day 6): Today was the first day that I seriously considered wanting to eat something. It’s mostly the smells that are getting me.  A few minutes ago a beautiful aroma started wafting from my sister’s kitchen to the living room. It smelled delightful, like a culinary masterpiece, but it was just rice and beans. I’m also getting tired of my go-to juice combinations, they are just getting a little old. I think I’m going to add in broth for some variation.

Wednesday (Day 7): One week with no solid food. I feel this amazing sense of achievement while at the same point I’m kinda like, “Ok, this craziness has gone on long enough.” Days that I teach lessons are a little harder to do only juicing because I’m in the car all day and I find myself rationing my liquid intake, which isn’t good. Not getting enough to drink while fasting leaves me tired, hungry, and having a headache. I did add in broth today which was a pleasant change.

Thursday (Day 8 – add in day): This morning I was in for a rude surprise! I gained half a pound! How do you gain a half pound when you didn’t eat anything!?! But my mom came to the rescue, the broth I drank yesterday was super high in sodium, so there’s my half pound right there. Phew. I was gonna say! Regardless, today I’m going to start adding stuff back in. Breaking a fast correctly takes a little bit more thought than one might imagine. If you just jump back into heavy solid foods you can really throw your system for a loop (in a very bad way), so it’s really best to take things slow and easy. So today I’ll be adding in some brown rice, kefir (which is liquid-y yogurt), and maybe some fruits and veggies in their solid rather than liquid state.

So there it is, my week of fasting. Overall I’m really pleased with the results. Definitely feeling good, lost about a pound a day (which wasn’t really my goal in fasting, but a welcome side effect), and have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment at completing something like this. Another nice side effect is that I’m craving really healthy food. This morning I woke up and said, “I could really go for some quinoa.” Junk food doesn’t sound appealing AT ALL. So if nothing else, I’m set up to continue juicing and eating healthier than when I started. Fasting certainly isn’t easy but I’m really glad I did it.



  1. Funny thing about junk food - when you've been eating/living healthy for a bit, your appetite for such things declines drastically.

    This has been true for me during the cycling season, and it has also proven true for a friend who did a sprint triathlon last summer.

    It is interesting that this applies to fasting too.

    1. I've found that just in general too! It's been a while since I've really enjoyed processed food in general, I'm hoping to continue to learn to love healthy foods!

  2. Did you follow any specific regimen for the juices you made, or did you just use recipes you already liked?

    1. There are plenty out there, though I didn't really use one. I just rotated through a few different ones that I liked. I tried to do a green one and orange colored one (like carrot, sweet potato, or butternut squash base) and then usually did one small straight fruit juice as a treat every day. My thought was the more colorful they were the more nutrients were there. I probably did too much fruit just in general, but for a first time juice fast I think it was fine :) Maybe next time I'll get more hardcore and cut down on the fruit, but for now I'm satisfied. If you're interested, I'm positive my mom has tons of recipes and juicing plans.