Fasting is fun, kinda.

Fasting is fun, kinda.

So, I’ve been fasting for a bit, since Thursday to be exact. It was kind of a last minute decision, at least when I started was. I find that with this sort of thing it’s easier for me just to fall into it instead of working up this big anticipation and then freaking myself out that I can’t do it, ultimately failing before I try. So, it just so happened that I knew I wanted to fast this weekend while on my little mini retreat, and it turned out that Thursday and Friday were going to be super slow days at work so I figured I’d give myself a head start, hopefully getting the nasty detox part out of the way before my vacation. As it turns out, it was a great idea.

Before we get too far, allow me to clarify, I’ve been doing a liquid (mostly fresh green juices) fast, which is super interesting and surprisingly healthy. The thing I find most interesting is that I’m not hungry, not really. I should really say that my body isn’t hungry, in fact, it’s probably getting more nutrients than it does on the average day simply because of the quality and quantity of fruits and veggies being consumed. Sure, I WANT to eat, but as long as I don’t dwell on the fact that I haven’t eaten in 5 days, it’s not too bad.

There are lots of good reasons to fast from time to time and several reasons why I chose right now. Needless to say, it’s been an interesting few days.

Wednesday (pre/half fast day): I’ve been juicing almost daily now for a few months so it’s not odd for me to juice for one or two meals a day. I almost started the fast Wednesday, but a friend asked me out to dinner last minute so I decided to enjoy my last hurrah at Panera and officially start on Thursday.

Thursday (Official day 1): I think I started getting a little bit of a cold, which I blamed on “detoxing” however since I had it in the morning before I actually started fasting it probably was a real cold. This, coupled with detoxing made me feel super crappy on Thursday. Thankfully I had very little human interaction (purposefully). If I had run across someone and they even looked at me wrong, it’s a very strong likelihood that I would have stabbed them in the eye with a spoon (or any other object found close at hand). It wasn’t a good day.

Friday (day 2): Still wasn’t feeling wonderful, definitely more testy than my usually pleasant self, and despite my best efforts I just couldn’t get warm. My biggest complaint (aside from how much time was wasted while my body was trying to deal with the overload of liquids that it certainly wasn’t used to) was that I felt like my brain was working in slow motion. I had difficulty getting thoughts into sentences and understandable paragraphs, so if I talked to you on Friday, please excuse anything odd I may have said. For once I have a solid excuse for being confusing, I was totally fasting!

Saturday (day 3): Started feeling a lot better. I had made it to my destination the day before and spent the vast majority of the day camped out on the old fashion couch in the sitting room. Still dealing with the cold which I was now blaming on detoxing and allergies from the heating system, but aside from that my thoughts were once again (as) clear (as usual, which still isn’t saying much). I think Saturday night was the hardest night not to eat something. Not that I had a whole lot of options to choose from, but it was weird not making or getting dinner. On top of that I was sick AND on vacation, both of which in the past has warranted a free pass to eat whatever I wanted. It just seemed so strange to break those routines. On top of that, EVERYTHING sounded so good, even things I normally don’t like! Between books I was reading or different things I was watching I was bombarded with food. Here were the things I would have consumed with gusto: Cup o’Noodles (this is how far I’ve stooped), tuna fish, Thai food, popcorn, and stew. In addition to this I dreamed about food all night, it was a desperate cry for help from my subconscious.

Sunday (day 4): By Sunday I was out of denial that I actually had a legit cold, but was feeling so much better in general that I decided that ignoring it had worked thus far, so I would continue. By Sunday I had gotten in a juice groove and my body had adjusted to the increased liquid intake so I felt safe leaving the house. It might have just been my imagination, but my skin looked great (aside from a decidedly red nose from blowing it so much)! While foods I saw or heard about continued to sound amazing (such as fish and chips – and I don’t even particularly like fish, cake, cereal, spaghetti, etc), when it came right down to it I really didn’t want to eat that stuff. I think after we get over that first initial shock to the system our bodies figure out that we’re doing something healthy and eventually it gets on board too. I went to a coffee shop to get some tea, and as it turns out it was one of those AWESOME coffee shops that has mounds and mounds of delicious, fresh, tantalizing items on display. But as much as everything looked amazing, it wasn’t really a temptation, which was really cool.

Monday (day 5): Feeling good! Woke up at 7am (that’s like 6am to my body, due to daylight savings) with a surprising amount of energy. As I type I’m packing up from my vacation and getting ready to drive back to CT and head to work. Overall I’m really impressed by how good I feel.

So, now the question is, how long should I go!? I knew I wanted to fast at least 3 days, and I’m past that. This week is shaping up to be a good week to fast as my schedule is a little slower than usual so I’m thinking I’ll at least go through Friday. But if I go through Saturday that will give me a solid 10 days which is what is usually suggested as a good cleansing fast. So I guess we’ll just see. As much as I would like to eat, I really don’t feel a pressing need to which is a pleasant change for me. So I’ll keep you updated.


If your interested in learning more about juice fasting, here is an awesome documentary called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” which is definitely worth checking out!


  1. While I read this, I was thinking of said documentary - excellent doc!