Cornmeal Face Mask

Cornmeal Face Mask

Today I wanted to share with you the second of my “what my kitchen and bathroom have in common” series. Today is a face mask/scrub that I actually just started using a few weeks ago. There are three simple ingredients in this mask: cornmeal, honey, and water. It gives a super deep scrub and leaves your face feeling wonderful!

Cost wise, honey can be a little pricey, however I lucked out because we just happened to buy LOADS of it in bulk several years ago which really needed to be used up. But just for pricing purposes you can get a 16oz. bottle of honey for about $10 (give or take) which will make this recipe 4 times. Then all I needed to purchase was the cornmeal which cost $2 for a 24oz bag which makes this recipe 8 times. And since water is basically free, this scrub costs $2.75. Which in the grand scheme of most beauty products still isn’t bad at all!

*NOTE: Have you ever thought that your honey has “gone bad”? You know, when it turns all crystally? Well, don’t throw it out, honey doesn’t go bad! Honey can stay edible for thousands of years, but it will turn to crystals which aren’t very palatable. A simple solution is just to reheat the honey either in the microwave or over a double broiler. Heat it up and stir until the crystals melt again then store it in a clean, air tight container. It should remain crystal free for a few more months at least.

Back to the recipe:

To make this mask use equal parts cornmeal and honey then add a few tablespoons of water to make it soft enough to mix.

I make it a cup at a time:

1/2 c. cornmeal
1/2 c. honey
about 2 Tbs. of water

Mix it all together and store in a glass or plastic airtight container.

*NOTE: I made the mistake of getting polenta and not cornmeal. They ARE the same thing but polenta is more coarsely ground which made for a very effective scrub but kind of reminded me of sandpaper. The cornmeal makes for a much more comfortable mask experience. If you do accidentally buy polenta just throw it in your blender or food processor to make it a finer powder.

I’ve used this as a full body scrub and a face scrub/mask. I’ve also used it as a lip scrub in the winter to get any dry skin off of my lips. To use, rub a quarter sized amount in a circular motion into your skin (I lean over my sink when doing this so that any extra that falls off doesn’t make too big of a mess. Leave on for 5-15 minutes (it will not dry or get hard like other kinds of masks). Rinse off with warm water and a wash cloth.

Follow up with a natural astringent like witch hazel and a moisturizer like the face “wash” I will be posting next week.





  1. What a great series - I love the name! My mom always told me not to put a metal spoon into honey because that makes it crystallize. i have never done it (so not even sure it's true), so mine never crystallizes but that is a fabulous tip! I'll have to try this mask, these ingredients are so easy to come by.

    1. Great tip about the honey! Thanks for sharing!