Commune Living

Commune Living

Eight adults, four kids, one house – It’s the Cristo Cape Cod Commune. Communal living certainly has it’s advantages as well as disadvantages. At the moment the advantages seem to out weigh the disadvantages…but then it has only been 3 days. Focusing on the positive, here are several of the surprising advantages to living in a commune.

1. You have less of a chance to run out of anything because there are multiples of everything. Out of toothpaste, there are 4 other brands you can choose from. Need a sweatshirt? We’ve got you covered. Commune living = multiples of everything.

2. Sharing. Another nice thing about communal living is that there’s no need for everyone to bring their own. There isn’t any need to bring 5 blow dryers. Two is probably one too many. With a little communication a lot of space can be saved.

3. Meals are so much simpler! Rather than cooking every meal every day, the adults can join forces and whip up meals in no time. Clean up is a breeze too. There’s definitely something to be said for that “stone soup” concept where everyone brings what they have for the good of the group.

4. The kids always have someone to play with: self-explanitory.

5. “Spa days”. Get a bunch of girls together – hair, hands and toes will become pretty. (Of course, it helps that one

of the sisters is a hair/nail person.)

Of course there are some downsides to commune living. It’s very loud. Kids wake up at ungodly hours of the morning. It’s loud. No privacy. And it’s loud – but aside from that, it’s great.

PS. It rained all day today, no worries we can still have fun. Stay tuned for “rainy day s’mores”.



  1. sounds wonderful - - if your 26!

  2. sounds like the week we just spent in Marco Island !!! LOL LOL LOL Enjoy !