Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows

Yesterday was a weird day. This morning came far too early, much too aggressively, and, in my opinion, I think it had a pretty bad attitude. But I pulled myself together and went through the little rituals which make me presentable to the population at large. As the garage door opened I was met by a gloomy, drizzle-y morning – it seemed fitting. But after climbing into the car I realized that my keys were still inside, so back in I went. (Now’s a good time to express some thankfulness that I actually knew where my keys were, so perhaps the silver lining starts there.)

On the second trip out to the car something had changed, I looked out to see the sun persistently trying to peak through the clouds. As I pulled out, I found myself in the midst of a “sun shower”.

Love. Those.

It was like I was sitting on the edge of a storm, on one side the sky was bright with a few puffy white clouds, on the other there was a thick, solid mass of grey. Immediately, all of my thoughts poured into searching for the rainbow I knew would be somewhere. Where there’s sun and rain there’s always a rainbow. I couldn’t see it right away, but I knew it had to be there, so as I drove down the road I found myself looking all around, searching for my friend, Roy G. Biv (to save some confusion, it’s an acronym for the colors of the spectrum). At one point I thought I caught a glimpse of him behind some trees and a few minutes later I was rewarded with a low arching, but very wide rainbow.

Rainbows make people think of a wide variety things, but this morning I was vividly reminded of God’s faithfulness in keeping His promises. One of the things I love about rainbows is that they are very predictable. I had no doubt I would find one this morning, it was just a matter of where I was looking.

Sometimes we wake up to rainy days and it can get a little discouraging after a while. But what I was reminded of this morning is that it doesn’t matter how much rain we are seeing, if the Son is with us, there will always be a rainbow somewhere – the key is to keep looking until you find it. That symbol of God’s unfailing promises renews our hope, lifts our spirits, and gives us that extra strength we need to get through the day.

Sometimes God’s promises seem so far away, or perhaps they even seem outside the realm of possibility. But the wonderful thing about serving the God whose ways are so much higher and whose thoughts are so much greater than ours is that we don’t have to understand how He’s going to work something out, our job is to simply trust that somehow He will.



  1. The thing about rainbows is that everyone likes them. Nobody goes, "Oh, I hate when there is a rainbow. It's so ugly, and they annoy me". Nope. Everyone loves seeing one. They are rare enough to make it worth a "stop and stare", but not too rare where you would be shocked to come across one.

    Just an amazing little part of the human experience those rainbows are.

    1. That is such an awesome point! I never really thought about it :)