Baby twalk.

Baby twalk.

In her defense, no it doesn’t sound natural. But honestly who sounds “natural” talking baby!?!?!

What am I talking about?

Here’s the scoop. I have been forbidden to talk to my sister’s stomach.

Now generally speaking the urge to talk to someone’s stomach isn’t something I struggle with. However, being 9 months pregnant and all, Amie’s stomach is just protruding out there asking to be spoken to. The really offensive thing is that other people are allowed to say all sorts of ridiculous things aimed at her middle, I am the only one excluded.

The first 8 months or so it really want an issue, because she’s right, baby talk really isn’t my thing. It’s just that if everyone else gets to talk to the baby in utero and I’m the only one left out, then guess who the only person whose voice baby Isabella won’t recognize when she finally gets out here? You got it, Aunt Abbie’s.

Not that I’m too worried about gaining the child’s affection. I’ve got the corner market on Micah and I’m a suitable substitute for Josiah when Amie and Jesse aren’t around so I can’t really complain. I guess my pride is just a little hurt. I mean be honest, if you were the only one not allowed to talk to your sister’s stomach wouldn’t you be upset? … Ahh, that was a rhetorical question.



  1. Ah, it's like the forbidden fruit...we only want it because we cannot have it. And in my defense, if ANYONE saw how awkward it is for YOU to talk to someone's stomach they would agree with me 100%! LOL. Btw, maybe that's why God gave us 'similar' voices(?)-He knew our short-comings:D

    1. Interesting point about the voice thing...still, I'm pretending to be mad at you! So there.

  2. why are you the ONLY one not allowed? did I miss something?

  3. im with you it dont really matter tho till you the only one not allowed then you wonder why me and wana do it more then befor.

    1. You're right, now I look for opportunities to catch her off guard, it's become some sort of strange game.

      1. ...a game in which you will loose every time!