Awww it's like spring…wait, it still is spring

Awww it's like spring…wait, it still is spring

I love watching (what seem to be healthy) relationships budding all around me. There are a few potential couples I’ve been keeping my eye on, and I’ve been rewarded by seeing their relationships start to bloom!

I really don’t have a whole lot else to say, except I’m so happy for them! 🙂

This year several people I’ve known from that past (but mostly keep up with on Facebook…gotta love Facebook) are either in relationships or getting married this year. I just love cyberstalking them and looking at their pictures and being happy with them.

It’s like spring for relationships..

I can’t help but think of a quote from “The Importance of Being Ernest”, which goes something to the effect of…

“I don’t know if there’s anything particular about the air in this part of Hertfordshire, but the amount of engagements seem to be far exceeding the guidelines that statistics have laid out for our guidance.”

But, I assume it’s simply the season for such things, and it makes me happy.

So, for all you love birds, congratulations and make sure you check out my post on PDA so I can continue to be happy for you and not nauseated. Luv Ya!