Adventures in Downsizing, Part 2

Adventures in Downsizing, Part 2

Here is my second installment in my Adventures in Downsizing saga. To read the first, head over to HERE.

I find it funny that I consider this move to be “downsizing”, as it has required some downsizing, but it’s also “moving up”. Confusing, I know. But it’s true.

True space wise, my current situation and the new are relatively similar, however the layout is vastly different. In the same amount of space I have now, I’m taking out my huge closet and adding in a kitchenette and bathroom. Similar square footage, but much “less” space and more items needed to make the space functional (ie: kitchen items). However, smaller though it may be, that addition of a kitchen space to myself…priceless.

In my opinion, any move is a great excuse to get rid of stuff. Actually, in my opinion, simply having too much stuff is a good excuse to get rid of stuff – but moving is an even better excuse. It’s so easy to acquire unnecessary stuff, even if you’re trying not to, it just happens. So, a concerted effort of de-cluttering is necessary in most of our lives. So, with the pending move getting closer and closer, I started looking to deal with the unnecessaries.

Last Saturday we had a garage/tag sale at my sister’s house and I’m happy to say I was able to make at least a few bucks. There were some larger pieces that I’ve been hanging onto, and I still like, but simply don’t have the room to keep. These all sold and accounted for most of my income from the sale. I also had a bunch of little stuff that I simply marked $1 each and called it a day, some of that went and some of it got donated to another sale being held in a few weeks. Lastly, my mid-range stuff – This fell into two categories: stuff I didn’t want and will sell or donate and other stuff that I still kind of wanted but would happily part with it if I could get my asking price. The first group of stuff I priced “low” or at least lower than I would have wanted to sell it for. The second I priced high, which in my mind would justify selling it. All in all I sold most of what I wanted to sell and didn’t sell the stuff I didn’t really want to sell, so I’m completely satisfied.

So, now I’m in packing mode. Thankfully, the way I store my stuff is very convenient for packing. In fact, most of my things were simply moved in the bins they are stored in without any additional packing at all – beautiful. While I appreciate collections in other people’s homes, I’m not much of a knick knack person, so clearing off my spaces was pretty quick and painless. Basically, within an hour I had my whole room mostly packed and ready to go, with the exception of my clothes.

So, at this point I’m anticipating making my official move within the week. Most of my stuff and furniture went over Tuesday, though I’ll still be sleeping at my current place for a few more days. In the mean time I’ll be working on getting my clothes all sorted, washed, and either packed in their crates or donated to Goodwill.

It was such a funny feeling last night when I was looking around at my almost entirely empty room. I. Loved. It. As much as I like color and interest in a room too, there is absolutely something to be said for minimalism and clear spaces. There was a sense of peace in it.

But, I won’t have a totally empty apartment, so here is what I’ve been learning about the avoidance of too much junk.

1. Use what you have instead of buying more. Don’t get me wrong, I like to have spares and stock up on things, but it’s also important to use what you have. I found that I was loosing a lot of space storing random things like many multiples and variations of hair sprays and gels that I don’t use and have been keeping in my closet for literally years or 3 half filled bottles of the same lotion. So, I made a conscious effort to use what I had and dwindled my supply. It’s amazing how much room I have now without all of those extras taking up space.

2. Make the hard call. I think I need to get rid of my desk. Oh, I “love” that desk. It was one of the first furniture purchases I made for myself in college. The thing is, I don’t use it. Oh, it stores my abundance of pens and pencils (of which many don’t actually work), it houses the papers that I want to do something with but don’t know what, and it is a convenient display of my few little trinkets I keep on hand – but really, I don’t use it. I don’t remember the last time I sat down at that desk and did something. So, hurt as it might, I has to go. I would much rather get a love seat and have some comfortable seating in that spot than a desk I don’t use. Sometimes you just have to make the hard call.

3. Rely on God. I wonder if some of our stockpiling doesn’t show a sense of self sufficiency rather than trust that God will provide our needs? While deciding to move my desk out one of my big considerations has been, “Well, what if I need a desk some day, then I won’t have it! Then what?” But that train of thought is unnecessary and maybe even based in sin. I’m not saying we shouldn’t make preparations as we are led, but when it comes right down to it, God promises to provide our needs. That may not include our wants, but our needs are ever before Him as a good Father. So the balance is to be wise with what we have but not worry about what we may or may not need years from now – God’s got it covered.

So, here we are. I was over at the new place setting up what I could and am borderline giddy over it all. I’m sure reality will set in before long (basement spiders and the pitter patter of little feet from above…), but I’m gonna ride this wave of thankfulness as long as possible and see where it brings me.



  1. Yay! Happy for you and your move!! Selfishly a little sad you will no longer be around to Ann Frank it up in the closet when we come visit :)