A plague on your (my) house…

A plague on your (my) house…

So yesterday I found myself with yet another bout of the 24 hour flu, this will make episode #3 for this winter. Generally speaking I don’t get sick this often, in fact, in the past four or five years I can only remember having the flu once (before this year of course). So, either the flu’s gotten stronger or I’ve gotten weaker.

So I think I need to build up my immune system, any thoughts? Over the past several years I’ve come to really like the supplement “Airborne”, but I’ve mostly used that to prevent colds, if I think I’m getting one, and haven’t really tried it for the flu. Also, I’ve heard that the “24 hour flu” doesn’t really exist and that particular illness is actually a degree of food poisoning. Either way, it is unpleasant.

So, aside from getting a flu shot (which is out of the question…don’t get me started on flu shots), what are some new and exciting ways you can share to help me boost my immune system? I’m pretty much open to anything (other than the flu shot of course), so please, dazzle me!



  1. If anyone has an answer for that one CALL ME !! Boy did I ever get one that lasted 11 days , yes 11 days ! Man was I ever sick ! So........do let me know !! oh i've heard the same that it is food poisening if that is the case try changing what and where you are eating and see if it makes a difference !? gentle hugs

    1. 11 Days! That couldn't have been fun!

  2. avoid children. those things are covered in all kinds of germs :)

    I caught the 3 year old boy I watch poking dog poop with his finger in his backyard today.

    1. Ooooooooh that is not kosher. You're right, kids are totally gross and germ infested!

  3. 11 Days! That couldn't have been fun!