30 thoughts on 30

30 thoughts on 30

On this, my second day of being 30, I would like to share some thoughts – in no particular order:

1. How did this happen?
2. Apparently it’s time to pay my car insurance again… Shouldn’t I be getting a major discount now that I’m old? What’s the use of getting old if you don’t get discounts?
3. There is no such thing as adults – of this I’ve become increasingly certain, never more so than today.
4. Two nights ago (birthday eve) I had the strangest headache on the very top of my head. I’ve never had that before (with the exception of times that I’ve crashed the top of my head on something, in which case, it was deserved.) For about 10 minutes all I could think of was, “I’m having a brain aneurysm. Wouldn’t it be the most ironic thing to have a brain aneurysm 4 hours before turning 30. I mean, who does that? Me, apparently.” Thankfully, it wasn’t actually an aneurysm. Obviously.
5. I would like to go on record as not usually being a hypochondriac… at least not under normal circumstances.
6. In the past month I’ve been part of conversations in which I’ve been reminded that my biological clock is ticking and that a person’s body basically begins breaking down at age 30. Thanks guys.
7. Speaking of the ol’ biological clock: Sarah had a baby when she was 90… I think I’m fine.
8. Part of me wants to give up all television, movies and media as an unproductive waste of time (life is short gosh darn it!  I just turned 30!) Another part of me wants to hunker down with every extended edition and boxed DVD set I own and have a movie marathon for the next week and a half. I will probably settle for some sort of happy medium.
9. Seeing as I’m now self-employed, and Tuesday’s are my busiest day, I worked all day on my birthday. Welcome to 30.
10. I think I’ve accomplished none of my pre-30 goals. I own a couch, not one of my goals, but I guess that’s something.
11. I’m proud to report that after a year and a half of exposure treatment, my crippling fear of insects has subsided to a simple strong dislike. I call that progress. Who knows, maybe Africa IS in my future… but probably not.
12. Can I just say how amazing people are on birthdays… I got flowers delivered to my door, handmade cards, tons of well wishes, a surprise outing for coffee and dessert, and hugs from the little people without having to chase them down.
13. So, I was doing really, really well with the whole turning 30 thing until about 7pm the night before (same night as the aneurysm scare), at which point I had a little mini panic attack. But I’ve recovered and I’m back to seeing 30 as awesome.
14. I think we should do birthdays for adults the same way as we do birthdays for kids. It’s like the whole world stops and revolves around them for one day… I’m just saying, it’s an idea we should consider.
15. I wonder what would happen if people expressed their appreciation of each other more often than on their birthdays. I mean, it’s great to be the center of an outpouring of compliments, well wishes and attention for a day… but what would happen if we did this for one another all of the time? I bet significantly fewer people would commit suicide.
16. It struck me yesterday that I’m not a year older than I was when I was 29. I mean, ok, Monday I was 29 and Tuesday I was 30. I wasn’t a year older and I certainly wasn’t a decade older, I was a day older – just like I am every day. I think that’s a much healthier perspective to have.
17. What’s with being young that so desirable and being old that so hateful anyway? Young people are inexperienced, wishy washy, crowd followers. Old people at least have the life experience and opportunity to know who they are and rock it.
18. I’ve realized lately that I’ve been developing life mottos. I’m not sure what exactly that suggests about me. For example:
19. “Work smarter, not harder.”
20. “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”
21. “Do what you love, love what you do.”
22. I’ve also noticed that more recently I’ve begun embracing areas of myself that I used to look down on. Not so much because they’ve become all of a sudden strengths when they used to be weaknesses. Rather, I think they were just parts of my personality that I’m now understanding, and as such can use as a strength instead of allowing it to be a weakness.
23. What I’ve been running into recently is that I think age has lent me a better perspective and understanding of what is happening around me, but I’ve yet to really grasp how best to apply that knowledge. Maybe that comes at 40?
24. I’m working on honestly expressing my feelings. Because the scale of feelings within the normal human experience ranges greatly, this means that I don’t always have to express happiness. Some people have a problem with this.
25. However, even though I’m not always happy, I can honestly say that I trust that everything that comes into my life, even the things I label as horrible, can and will be worked out for good.
26. I think this is one of my goals this year, accurately expressing my experience in honesty, but also in the light of God’s truth.
27. I also would like to have appropriate expectations of others. Maybe expectations isn’t the best word, but I would like to be able to think and hope the best of and for people. Giving them the benefit of the doubt and helping them achieve higher than they have in the past.
28. I would like to have appropriate expectations of myself. I’m not perfect, never will be, but I am capable of doing great things, and I would like to do them.
29. Another goal is to more consistently speak life to my listeners. I do this sometimes, but I would like to do it all of the time.
30. Age isn’t just a number, it’s an accomplishment. There are many people who wish someone they loved made it to 30. I’m not going to waste any time regretting it.


  1. Abi, I love your thoughts and I must admit that I look forward to reading your blog posts. I actually took time off work to read this one :-)
    3. I couldn't agree more...
    7. Too funny
    15. Love it!
    16. Indeed!
    17. Thanks!
    Here's to 30!

    1. Thanks Grace, I'm so glad you enjoy the posts. I enjoy writing them! Thanks for your comment too!